:Ikonen: media presents


Sons of Cain

(:Ikonen: media 2012) CD 12 Tracks, 2-Panel-Digifile, glossy finish

MARS was founded in 2011. Inspired by American pagan folk and apocalyptic philosophy the sound of MARS is dominated by purely acoustic arrangements using guitars, various percussions and two male voices. Follow the duo on a journey into the bleakest hours of cultural decline.

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Limited edition 250.

i. worldserpent
ii. hymn to mithras
iii. memories
iv. spirit's glance
v. sons of cain
vi. (it was never the) darkness
vii. the hand that loves
viii. man’s creation
ix. woodpath
x. a thin red line
xi. the road
xii. winter
xiii. grain

MARS is: Oliver F. (guitar, lyrics iii, iv, vi, vii, x, xi, vocals),
Marcus S. (percussion, lyrics v, viii, ix, vocals, flute).
Production, mastering, artwork by Marcus S.
Photos by: Ray Montag (gothsick.de), & Marcus S. (cover).

Live at Summer Darkness (Utrecht) - 28.7.2012 - and Kulturcafé (Mainz) - 15.9.2012 - with :Of the Wand and the Moon: